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Robert KinmontThe wings are in the paper drawerWood, paper, and feathers1972/73
Allison SchulnikEagerStop-motion animated film8:30 min2014
William KentridgeUntitled (He that fled his fate)Charcoal on paper17 x 16 5/8 inches2011
Constantin BrancusiThe KissLimestone23 x 13 1/4 x 10 inches1916
Anselm KieferMerkabaLead, steel, rubber, copper tubing, plaster, resin, acrylic, salt, pewter, and oil paint49 3/16 x 122 1/16 x 27 15/16 inches2011
William AnastasiConcert Drawing [Bach BWV I, 9.11.09]Ink and pencil on paper7 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches2009
Tacita DeanThe Book End of TimeBlack and white photograph on fibre based paper52 1/5 x 66 3/10 inches2013
Pierre HuygheTimekeeperWall20 cm diameter1999
Charles RayInk LineInk and pumpDimensions variable1987
Sophie CalleThe Sleepers (Les Dormeurs)176 framed photographs, 23 framed texts, 1 book, steel table and chair1979